"Exemplifies dedication and community spirit. Maintains grades while mentoring underclassman and also working and serving as a volunteer firefighter! May Charger of the Month.

- Ayona Harrison


"Embodies resilience and hard work. Her tenacity is inspiring, never faltering even when faced with challenges. April Charger of the Month

- Hallie Austin


"Her commitment to excellence shines through her many passions!" March Charger of the Month

- Paige Schatz

Cayden F

"With his many talents, dedication to community, and commitment to excellence," February Student of the Month

- Caden Fausnaugh


"Upholds academic excelence while balancing his athletic pursuits. January Student of the Month

- Arrik McDonald

Baylie Rainey

"Vibrant and engaged student with an array of interests." December Student of the Month

- Baylie Rainey

Tyler D

"Epitomizes the essence of a well-rounded individual." November Student of the Month

- Tyler DeCoursey